Bridal Lounge YU-SI Bridal Lounge

YU-SI Bridal Lounge

YU-SI banquet room has an exclusive VIP-class bridal lounge, elegant and aesthetically designed, comfortable and spacious, showing a unique style. The bride's combing area is designed with luxurious mirrors, elegant combing space, and the bride's exclusive independent toilet and shower room, providing you with a comfortable and elegant dressing environment. The living room is comfortable, so that the relatives and friends who come to visit can share and enjoy the happiness moment !

We also provides dish served before the main course for bride and groom. The bride and the groom are happy to greet the wonderful moments~

【YU-SI bridal lounge equipment】

  • Dressing table
  • Wardrobe
  • Exclusive toilet equipment and shower
  • Friends and relatives visit the comfortable sofa lounge area


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