Route 1:

  • ※No. 1 National Highway (heading north)
    Exit the highway from Binjian Interchange;
    Turn left and drive onto Dazhi Bridge;
    After crossing the bridge, drive to Mingsui Rd.;
    Turn right to Lequn 3rd Rd..

Route 2:

  • No. 1 National Highway (heading south)
    Exit Tiding Interchange;
    Drive to Jiuzong Rd. Sec. 2;
    Passing Tiding Blvd. Sec. 1 & Sec. 2;
    Turn right to Lequn 3rd Rd..

Route 3:

  • From Downtown Taipei
    Crossing Dazhi Bridge;
    Shift to Mingsui Rd. Ramp and drive along the road;
    Turn right to Luqun 3rd Rd..

Route 4:

  • From Shihlin/Beitou
    Drive through Ziqiang Tunnel (heading Neihu)
    Turn right to Jingye 2nd Rd..


  • Take an MRT train to Jiannan Station.
    Exit the station from No.2 Exit.


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